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Alright! So you’ve been using eclipse and know its keyboard shortcut-fu quite well. And you just moved to using IntelliJ - and your eclipse shortcut-fu doesn’t apply anymore. How you wish there was a quick cheat sheet that translates your eclipse shortcuts to its equivalent IntelliJ mappings - i know, i had the same wish :)

So, here’s a quick mapping between eclipse and IntelliJ keyboard shortcuts for most commonly used ones - mostly for java developers on mac. Hope this helps…

Description Eclipse Intellij
Open class cmd+shift+T cmd+N
Open file cmd+shit+R cmd+shift+N
Go to declaration F3 cmd+B
Show Implementations cmd-T cmd+alt+B
Outline cmd-O cmd+F12
Call Hierarchy ctlr-alt-H ctrl+alt+H
Find Usages cmd+shift+G alt+F7
Auto Fix cmd-1 alt-enter
Refactor -> Rename cmd-shift-R shift+F6
Maximize/Minimize cmd+M cmd+shift+F12
Quick Javadoc hover ctrl+J
Next Search Match cmd-K ctrl-L
Generate cmd+shift+S ctrl+N
Reformat Code cmd+shift+F alt+cmd+L
Organize Imports cmd+shift+O alt+cmd+O
Refresh/Synchronize cmd+R alt+cmd+Y
Delete line cmd+D cmd+Y
Move line alt+up/down alt+shift+up/down
Next error cmd+. F2
Surround with cmd+shift+S cmd+alt+T
Show parameters ctrl+space? cmd+P
Highlight usage of var/selected word cmd+K?? shift+cmd+F7
Scroll to top/bottom fn+up/down fn+cmd+up/down
Show class hierarchy F4 ctrl+H

Also, in IntelliJ you can use something called “CamelHumps words” - which is when navigating between words using alt+L or alt+R, cursor will move following camelCasing instead of whole words. I find that quite useful. You can enable that in IntelliJ by going to Settings -> Editor -> Smart Keys and enable “Use CamelHumps words”


Published 15 August 2014
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